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The business backbone of Dongguan Changchong Plastics Co., Ltd. has been engaged in sales and technical service of engineering plastics and special engineering plastics for 20 years, and has accurate material selection analysis and technical support ability.
Dongguan Changchong has self-supported import and export rights and general taxpayer qualification, and has involved in the sustainable operation mode of engineering plastics and special engineering plastics for a long time. Changchong must be a trustworthy raw material supplier, and even is a strategic partner for sustainable development of your company.
Dongguan Changchong is mainly engaged in imported engineering plastics and special engineering plastics, involving more than 20 brands and more than 200 subdivided specifications. The plastics are mainly applied to the fields of precision electronics, LED lighting, fuel systems, high-end auto parts, medical and bathroom accessories, parts in special industry, etc.
The professional team of Dongguan Changchong provides series help such as material identification, mold design and forming through 20 years of experience in sales service of engineering plastics. With additional technical service support of the original factory, the company can customize composite engineering plastics with special performance for customers, thus helping customers improve their product competitiveness.
With 20 years of work experience of professional team and strong economic strength, Dongguan Changchong constantly follows innovative products and technical innovation of foreign brand manufacturers who constantly challenge themselves, masters the latest news to cooperate with customers to shorten the development period of new products, and creates the maximum benefit for customers, ensuring that customers can stay ahead in the competition of different fields.
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