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Dupont TPEE 72D

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The characteristics of TPEE is:

1. TPEE have the rubber elasticity and the strength of the engineering plastics; Soft paragraphs give it flexibility, make it like a rubber; Hard segment give it processing performance, make it like plastic; Compared with rubber, it has better processing performance and longer service life. Compared with engineering material, also has the characteristics of high strength, flexibility and dynamic mechanical performance is better.

2. Mechanical properties, through adjust the percentage of hard and soft segment, the hardness of TPEE can shaw from 30-82 - d, the elasticity and strength between rubber and plastic. Compared with other thermoplastic elastomer, under the condition of low strain, modulus of TPEE is higher than the same hardness of other thermoplastic elastomer. When modulus as the design of the important conditions, products with TPEE be narrowed cross-sectional area, reduce the material consumption. TPEE has a very high tensile strength. Compared with polyurethane (TPU), TPEE had a higher compression modulus and tensile modulus of multi-purpose the same hardness of TPEE and TPU making the former can bear greater load on the same part. Above room temperature, the bending modulus of the TPEE is very high, and low temperature when not too hard like TPU and appropriate cantilever beam or torque type parts, especially suitable for production of high temperature components. TPEE good flexibility at low temperature low notched impact strength is superior to other TPE, abrasion resistance and TPU. Under the condition of low strain, TPEE excellent fatigue resistance and the hysteresis shield loss less, the characteristics and the combination of high elasticity, make the material cycle load under the condition of ideal material for many times, gear, rubber roller, flexible coupling, the belt can be used.

3. Thermal performance, TPEE has excellent heat resistant performance, the higher hardness, better heat resistance; TPEE during 110 ~ 140 ℃ for 10 h basic heating not weightless, heating at 160 ℃ and 180 ℃ respectively 10 h, weightlessness is only 0.05% and 0.1%, and the use of TPEE temperature is very high, short-term use temperature is higher, can adapt to automobile production line baking paint temperature (150 ~ 160 ℃), and its mechanical properties under high and low temperature losses small. Use TPEE at above 120 ℃, its tensile strength is much higher than TPU TPEE also have excellent resistance to low temperature performance, TPEE brittle point lower than 70 ℃ and the lower the hardness, cold resistance, the better, most TPEE can use for a long time under - 40 ℃. Because of TPEE show the balance of performance on high and low temperature, its working temperature range is very wide, can be used in 70 ~ 200 ℃.

4. Chemical resistance, excellent oil resistance of TPEE, most liquid chemical medium polarity at room temperature (such as acid, alkali, amine diol compounds), but for halogenated hydrocarbon (except freon) inability and the effect of phenolic its ability to resistant to chemicals along with the increase of the hardness. TPEE to most organic solvents, fuel and gas swelling resistance and penetration resistance is good, and the permeability of fuel for neoprene, chlorosulfonated polyethylene and butadiene-acrylonitrile rubber oil resistant rubber 1/3 ~ 1/300, but TPEE poor water resistance, adding carbon poly imide stabilizer can obviously improve the hydrolysis resistance performance.

5. Weather resistance and aging resistance, TPEE in many different conditions, such as water, ozone, outdoor atmospheric aging conditions, good chemical stability. Like most of the elastomer, under the effect of ultraviolet degradation will happen, so for outdoor applications or products by sunlight condition, formulation of uv protective agent shall be added, including carbon black and pigment or other shielding materials; In addition TPEE also has different degree of hydrolysis.

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Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer
Dupont TPEE
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